Tori's World

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A story about fairies

Her words won't leave me alone. I'm in shock, or that's what everybody keeps telling me. I refuse to believe that I am a fairy. It's not true. I laughed at all the people who believed that creatures such as vampires and werewolves existed. I would roll my eyes whenever I would see someone scream "Team Jacob" or "Team Edward." Like seriously people. It's all just lies. But I know that deep down inside of me I wanted to believe that such powerful beings existed. That humans didn't roam this world by themselves.

I guess it's true what they say, "Be Careful what you wish for." I didn't wish for this. Yeah, I might have wanted to escape the reality of my life, but not like this. Never in a million years would I suspect that such mythical creatures existed. Who would've though that turning 15 meant changing into a fairy?

A New Beginning

As I walk on the shore of the beach I remember all those good times I spent with him. A flush of memories come to my mind. I look at the waves and see how they come and go. I decide to let go of all those memories. I make a promise to the ocean. No matter what happens with my family I know that I will always love him, but it's time for me to move on with my life. I look down at the wet sand and notice that a bunch of baby turtles are headed towards the ocean.I look at them in awe. Life is beautiful.


All this time I've been very depressed about everything that has happened to me. I lost my boyfriend due to a car accident. My family wasn't able to help me cope with the fact that he was dead. As soon as I turned eighteen I decided to get a house near the beach in Lincoln City.

It might not be the greatest beach, but it's grayness makes me relax. Everyday I sit on the sand and listen to the waves. I've been writing short stories but I never finish them. I haven't been able to finish many things. I got a job at a Mexican Restaurant. Although I don't need the money, I just need to know that I'm doing something for myself. My family visits now and then, and my sister stays over sometimes. The only thing I've ever done for her was let her have a party with her friends in my house. My friends are in college. I miss their advice. I miss him so much...